Thursday, 8 March 2012

Green Day at High Lawn Primary, England

We had a 'Green Day' at our school, to make children, staff and parents more aware of how to save energy, different ways of recycling and to raise money to purchase energy-saving resources.

Throughout the school, the children took part in many activities, including:

  • Learning through the environment

  • Making instruments out of recyclable materials

  • Creating eco-friendly posters

In addition, we tried to save energy throughout the day by limiting our use of electricity, for example the teachers did not use their laptops or interactive whiteboards, and the children were encouraged to only use lights when necessary. Also, we had a "Green Lunch," where the children were asked to bring their lunch in packaging which could be recycled and leftovers were disposed of in the correct bins.

All the children, staff and parents enjoyed this day and it raised a lot of awareness about our environment. We are going to have 'Green Days' more often!

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