Friday, 20 April 2012

1st and 2nd class Comenius project groups!!

We have five groups in our class.
We have named the groups after our Comenius Partners-Spain, Finland, France, Austria, and England.
We had a Country of the Week project.
We learned about one of our partner countries and looked at the Comenius website and other interesting sites.
Every week we had a party with food from the country we were learning about.
It was fun.

Art from Reused and recycled materials

Here are some pictures we made from Fabric and Fibre

Old clothes and sacks were cut up to provide the materials

Buttons, ribbons, trims and lace were collected also.

The stones were simply collected and painted!

The tiles were acquired from a tile shop which was closing down! We painted the tiles.

Recycling activities

Halloween Art from reused and recycled materials!

As part our Visual Arts Curriculum we decided to design and make Halloween Costumes

We reused and changed the appearance of old clothes to make costumes.

We created new costumes from recycled materials.

We used ordinary clothes with face paint to create scary characters.

All the ideas were unique and different.

We had prizes for the best efforts.

We hope you like our ideas!

Planting in Ireland and Spain!

French Party!!!!!

French Party

We had a French Party.

We dressed in French hats called “berets”.

We learned a French song called Frere Jacques.

We ate croissants hot chocolate, Cuisine de France baguettes, Nutella!

We looked at famous places in France on the internet.

We had fun

Spanish Party!!!!

Spanish Party

We had a Spanish Party

We had Spanish Omelettes and special Spanish ham and Tapas.

We drank Spanish juice.

It was delicious.

Weather Data from Ireland

Recycling in our town

Recycling in our School

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Energy at High Lawn School

Click on the pictures

Recycling in Bolton

Click onto the e picture to read an e - book all about recycling.

Recycling In Bolton

Recycling in Jokivarsi, Jämsä

Recycled animals

Children in our school have created animals with recycled material. These beautiful animals are in competition now, because one of it will be the pet of our green school. I hope you like it.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Monday, 16 April 2012

Ready for a day without electricity !

Yesterday we've checked the amount of electricity we were using at school.

Then we've used a special equipment to check the electricity consumption of every appliance we have.

Today we will avoid using them !

Saving energy decalogue

Here I post a decalogue about energy that's been created in our school. I hope you like it.

Knockskeagh NS Website

See all information and photos from Knockskeagh NS, Ireland!!!

Electric Car visits Knockskeagh NS and 1st to 4th class make Art from Apples!

Watch an electric car at Knockskeagh NS!!!
Also see the childrens wonderful art from Apples!!

Active Flag Week

St Patricks Day Parade!! - Knockskeagh NS

Our Green School - Knockskeagh NS

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

22nd April, Earth Day

Hello everyone!

On the 22nd April is the Earth Day. Here you have two activities to work with your children. I hope you like it!!

Regards from Catalonia!

Ws earthday
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