Wednesday, 6 June 2012

CAFFIE is travelling from Austria to France

Dear friends We know that you are looking forward Caffie's news. He's very fine. After a nice stay to Austria, Oust-Marest's pupils came to meet him. They met their penfriends too of course, and had very good time together. They loved Austria ! Here French and Austrian pupils are together with Caffie : Here Caffie is dancing Walz with French pupils in order to thank Austrian for their warm welcome : But time flies when you're having fun... Here Caffie is already in the train It's a long way from Salzburg to München... so he played cards and listened to some stories before falling asleep Here Caffie is in the train from München Ost to the airport : Here he's waiting for his flight : And finally Caffie is in the plane ! Caffie is now ready for a new trip !